A-Players Podcast: Kave Bulambo — Founder of MyCareerPath — Employer Branding and Hiring

Previously on A-Players, we interviewed Lucas Bremer and Namir Sayed-Ahmad Baraza from quantilope.

This time, Angela Ndagire talked with Kave Bulambo, Founder of MyCareerPath, a career coaching platform. She's an expert when it comes to leadership, people development, diversity, and inclusion. In the past, she worked for companies such as N26 and Zalando, building their teams and strengthening their employer branding efforts.

In the episode, Kave shares more about her company as well as her experience hiring for both well-established startups, like Zalando and N26, vs early-stage ones, like Hibooks. Besides that, Angela and her go deeper into a topic of employer branding.

Listen to the episode to hear some tips on how can you implement employer branding practices in your own company.

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