A-Players Podcast: Tom Kirschbaum, Co-CEO & Founder at door2door — How to Build a Smart Mobility Startup From Scratch

In the previous episode of A-Players podcast, we talked with Anton Marinovic, VP Sales at HoloBuilder, about building a sales team.

This time we wanted to learn more about building a whole company from scratch. We reached out to Tom Kirschbaum, Co-CEO & Founder of one of the most successful startups in Berlin, door2door. The company is working closely with local authorities to deliver smart mobility services that can improve cities' public transport networks.

We talked with Tom about building the hiring structure in the first days of the company, making people stay for a longer term (the first hired engineer is still in the  company!), and operating within the public sector. You can listen to the podcast on Anchor, Spotify, Pocket Casts, and Apple Podcasts.

PS. We are sorry for the sound quality of the episode. We are going to improve in the future episodes!

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